Animal fabric face mask WILD TIGER
Animal fabric face mask WILD TIGER
Animal fabric face mask WILD TIGER
Animal fabric face mask WILD TIGER

Animal fabric face mask WILD TIGER

Boosts vitality / Moisturizes / Nourishes
FUNNY BEAUTY SET - perfect match for your girlfriend who is addicted to Instagram. Wild Tiger Face sheet masks with animal print can change your standard beauty routine to live beauty-show. This mask removes signs of fatigue, soothes, boosts elasticity and softens. Take a selfie that will get one million likes!
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Like a wild tiger, this mask has: Strength. Taiga berry extract has powerful properties that tone the skin and give it energy. Endurance: verbena effectively removes signs of fatigue and helps your skin look fresh and healthy for as long as possible. Speed: Thanks to its unique formula, the mask is fast-acting and effective. You’ll see real results in just 20 minutes. Dominance: Once you try this mask you’ll love it forever.


28 g
Skin type:
For all skin types
With what:
Taiga berries and Verbena extracts
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Method of application

Clean your face. Apply mask to face and leave for 10-15 minutes. While you’re waiting, take a selfie and post it to INSTAGRAM. After removing the mask, massage your face. Remove any remaining residue with a makeup remover towelette and rinse face with water.