Eye sheet mask BLUE VENUS
Eye sheet mask BLUE VENUS
Eye sheet mask BLUE VENUS
Eye sheet mask BLUE VENUS

Eye sheet mask BLUE VENUS

From skin appearances
The mask for the skin around the eyes “Blue Venus” is able to turn your panda eyes style into a young & beautiful look. It effectively fights dark circles and under eye bags
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BLUE VENUS eye mask can turn PANDA EYES STYLE into a YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL LOOK. It fights the dark circles and bags around your eyes and does not allow them to “surround” the delicate skin around your eyes. The blueberry extract in the cream act like a tonic, strengthening and nourishing. Almond oil improves the color and tone of your skin, giving it a healthy glow, making it soft and supple. The shape of the mask provides a blueberry-divine skin care around your eyes, while caring for the eyebrows.


10 g
Skin type:
For all skin types
With what:
Blueberry and Almond oil
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Method of application

Сleanse your face. Apply mask to area around the eyes for 15 minutes. Remove mask and rinse with water.

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